Frenquently asked question

How to post an ad?

Very simply thankfully!
Click on Post an ad in the top right navigation bar and enter some information about your property.
Take a pic for better visibility. Although you do a good deed, a picture will help you to quickly find a buyer.

Post an ad

Why my department / country is it not visible?

The places with the most success are visible in the search. We add new areas frequently!
To speed up the appearance of your own, feel free to talk about TuVeuxTuViens to your neighbors and your local city.

How to get a new password?

If you are not able to connect, get a new password;
You will then receive an email asking you to enter your new password.

Reset my password

What are the approved articles and those rejected?

All everyday items are allowed: furniture, appliances, clothing, computers, telephones, etc.
Are explicitly prohibited: open or initiated food, drug, drugs. And obviously what is forbidden by law.

How long my ad will be validated and visible on TuVeuxTuViens?

We validate the ads within 12 hours. It takes in average just one hour.

Can I post an ad asking for an object?

Tu Veux Tu Viens is a donation site. People wishing to do a good deed with a good heart are invited to submit their ads.
You can not ask an object.

How is security of data?

All your data is completely confidential and is not used for commercial purposes or disclosed to third parties.
They are backed up and replicated on servers located in France and Germany for better security.

Do I ask for or give compensation?

Tu Veux Tu Viens is a donation site. If a person requests compensation for an object, thank you notify us immediately.
Of course, if you get a pretty object, you have the right to bring croissants ;)

How are the people involved in TuVeuxTuViens paid?

All persons working or having worked on TuVeuxTuViens did it by passion and without counterpart!
Developers, designers and of course the ambassadors are all invested in the cause.
The costs related to the IT infrastructure are supported by Zegzel Society.

How to provide assistance to the project?

In every possible way!
You can represent TuVeuxTuViens in your city or region, meet the media and present the project to your loved ones.
In the Recruitment section, we tell you more details about the current needs.